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Political Myopia from the Left

As the President continues to illegally bypass Congress, as the impeachable offenses pile up, it’s tempting to ask what can be done to stop it. How can the American people force the President to follow the law? The sad truth is that we cannot. Congress’ ultimate check on the abuse of power by the President, is impeachment. Unfortunately, Barack Obama could shoot a political foe, in the Rose Garden, during a press conference, and the Senate Democrats would blame the National Rifle Association. The Senate will never hold Obama accountable in an impeachment trial, and the President knows it. 

We are left to ponder what damage has been done. If you support the “right” or ability of this President to make changes to laws without going through Congress, and his refusal to enforce other laws, because you like those changes, you’re missing the bigger, more important picture. You’re enabling the NEXT President to dictate changes on his own, changes you might not like. When you cry “process” your enemies will counter with “precedent.” You’ll turn to the Constitution for help but find that you made it into a torch of support for Obama. You burned it proudly, defiantly, while smiling, with great pleasure. Political myopia at its worst.