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This guy eats jumbo shrimp quite often, I think.

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Just one more example of why I consider drinking to be a discretionary necessity…

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Political Correctness

The biggest danger of political correctness is that people will no longer freely express themselves. When people freely express themselves, they expose themselves for who they really are.
If someone is a misogynist, I’d prefer that he speak and act like a misogynist so people will know, and govern themselves accordingly.
When political correctness keeps people from freely expressing themselves, we lose the “easy way” of finding out who they really are. Sometimes the hard way of finding out can cost us quite a lot.

I’m hurt far too easily, and stay hurt for far too long. My brain understands, but my gut, or my heart, or whatever, has a mind of its own.  I’m glad I have someone who understands my own version of insanity, for the most part. I’d really rather not be this way, but I probably always will be, now.

Remembering a Marine- Trane McCloud on Memorial Day

Reblogging the first Memorial Day post I saw. God bless this Marine and his family. Check out his memorial page.

Rod Jetton


On Memorial day I always think of my Marine buddy, Trane McCloud, who was killed in Iraq, but even though it’s been almost eight years since we lost Trane not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.  I made a little  bracket out of 550 desert camo cord and it hangs on my wrist as a daily reminder of the ultimate sacrifice my friend made for our freedom.

Trane was a great man, good husband, good father and good Marine.   He inspired those around him to greatness.  He left a wife and three young children behind and if you have some time this Memorial day read the stories below that tell what kind of man he was.  Trane was a special person to me, but he represents so many others who like him gave their all for our country.

This link will take you to a memorial…

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