Four Working Cities Called “Top Spots to Live”

This is interesting. Lynn, Somerville, Salem, and Lawrence called great places to live. I question them all if you have children you want to send to school, and I question Lynn and Lawrence under any circumstances. Lots of crime in both cities, lots of illegal immigration burden, and not much unique on the upside. There are nice aspects to both Lynn, and Lawrence, but nothing that you can’t fine elsewhere. Salem has a lot of upsides, as does Somerville. I suppose this is all good for property values, and I own property in two of the four cities mentioned.

The Central Premise

Well, how about that!

We knew that the 20 Massachusetts cities that were eligible for the Boston Fed’s Working Cities Challenge had many important assets among their challenges as small, postindustrial, gateway cities, but it’s nice to see the Boston Globe cite four of them as great places to live. The cities are Lynn, Somerville, Salem, and Lawrence.

Writes Elizabeth Gehrman, “Now that the economy’s recovering, home values in many places are on the rise. ‘In Greater Boston it’s going gangbusters,’ says Timothy Warren, CEO of The Warren Group, the Boston-based real estate tracking firm that provided the price data used here. …

“One factor driving up prices, Warren explains, is that after a seven-year slump in the market, ‘there’s a lot of pent-up demand.’ Many first-time home buyers had put off the big purchase amid scary headlines about foreclosures and short sales. ‘These people are having babies now…

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